Southeastern Ontario Stroke Symposium: Best Practice Across the Care Continuum

November 23, 2016

Plenary Sessions

Cally Martin, Regional Stroke Director
Stroke Prevention and Care in Ontario:  Time for another (R)Evolution?

Dr. Al Jin, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Hemorrhagic Stroke

Dr. Alexandre Menard, MD, FRCPC and Dr. Al Jin, MD, PhD, FRCPC
Endovascular Stroke Therapy

Maria Hussain, MD, FRCPC & Dr. Milena Rogan Ducic, MD, FRCPC
Post Stroke Depression

Gwen Brown, RN, BA, BEd, MA
What We Heard:  Charting a Course for Successful Community Reintegration After Stroke

Acute Stroke Unit Care:  The Voice of the Stroke Survivor and their Families

Concurrent Sessions

Vince DePaul, BHSc(PT), PhD
Using Technology in Rehabilitation:  Maximizing Potential, Avoiding Pitfalls

Emma Hum, BScH, MCISc, Reg. CASLPO
Introduction to Aphasia and Communication after Acute Stroke
Quick Guide
Communication Worksheet

Amy Quilty, OT, Reg. (Ont)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Stroke Rehabilitation

Dr. David Howse, MD, FRCPC
Early TIA Management

Vision Rehabilitation Considerations Following Stroke
Presentation is not available

Preventing Complications "Brag & Steal"
Andrea Rochan, RN, MScN
Using Catheter Protocols inthe Prevention of UTIs (SMOL)
Laurie Forbes, BScPT
Efficacy and Safety of Bery Early Mobilization Within 24 Hours of Stroke Onset
Chandra Snarr, MSc, RD, CDE
Implementation of a Nutrition Screening Tool (Brockville General Hospital)
Natasha Day, M.A., M.CLSC, SLP (C) REG. CASLPO
Oral Care Protocol (PSFDH)
Implementing Supportive Conversation (PSFDH)

Rehabilitation "Brag & Steal"
Beth Steinmiller, MSW, RSW, Kathy Smith, SLP & Lee Marchildon, BA, BST
Starting the Conversation in Quinte:  Aphasia Conversation Groups
Shannon Mulholland, BSc PT
Tips & Tricks on Helping Clients Exercise Post Stroke
Corrie Allingham, OT Reg. (Ont), MCISc(OT)
Wii Fit Fun in Community OT Practice

Cally Martin, BScPT, MSc (Rehab), Dr. Al Jin, MD, PhD, FRCPC, Kat Dowker, RN, BNSc, MScN, ENC(C), Mark Schjerning, BA, ACP, CMMIII, D. Alexandre Menard, MD, FRCPC, Karen Pearson, Kelly Bodie, R CON(C), BSN, MN, and Bonnie Molinski, RN, BScN
Regional Access to Hyperacute Stroke Care:  Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT) and Thrombolysis

Gwen Brown, RN, BA, BEd, MA, Kathleen Pratt, MSW, RSW, & Lee Marchildon, BA, BST
Community Stroke Recovery:  Programs & Resources Making a Difference

Vascular Health Tools Used in Prevention
Maureen Buchanan,Indigenous NP, Anishinabe and Kathy Brant, Indigenous Community Development Worker
Indigenous Community Hypertension Awareness Program (iCHAP) - presentation not available 
Nicole Szuomlanski, RN, BNSC, CTE
Smoking Cessation
Colleen Murphy, RN, BNSc, MHS
Vascular Health Resources