Guidelines & Recommendations

Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care

The Canadian Best Practice Recommendations for Stroke Care are intended to provide evidence-based guidelines and resources for the prevention and management of stroke. The goal of disseminating and implementing these recommendations is to reduce practice variations in the care of stroke patients across Canada, and to reduce the gap between knowledge and practice. Recommendations are updated every two years to ensure they continue to reflect contemporary stroke research evidence and leading expert opinion. For each recommendation you will find knowledge translation tools. Visit the Resource section where you'll find upcoming and archived professional education webinars.

Quality Based Procedures for Stroke Care

The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has introduced Health System Funding Reform in Ontario. This reform ties a proportion of health system funding with the delivery of evidence based best practices called "Quality Based Procedures" (QBP). Acute Care and Rehabilitation QBPs for Stroke Care were introduced in 2013-14. The work to review the evidence was led by Health Quality Ontario with support from the Ontario Stroke Network. The 2016 QBP Handbook (released March 2017) now includes community rehabilitation, outpatient management of TIA and Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT).

Interprofessional Stroke Core Competency Framework

The Interprofessional Stroke Core Competency Framework aims to provide health care professionals working in stroke with a clear, comprehensive way to achieve the core competencies needed for evidence-based stroke care. The framework supports a baseline level of competency province-wide, and encourages stroke specific professional growth.

Examples for use include:

  • Orientation of new staff
  • Team education
  • Self-learning plans
  • Performance appraisal goals
  • Accreditation
  • Professional Reflective Practice

Competency Framework documents are available at:

Canadian Stroke Community-based Exercise Recommendations

The Canadian Stroke Community-based Exercise Recommendations have been recently updated and include current evidence for exercise providers to plan and implement their programs. The Canadian Stroke Community-based Exercise Recommendations Update 2020: A Resource for Community-based Exercise Providers, is an evidence-based resource designed to help safely incorporate exercise programs in the community for individuals who have experienced a stroke. 

The Canadian Stroke Community-Based Exercise Recommendations are available at: