Stroke Prevention Clinics

There are four stroke prevention clinics in Southeastern Ontario located in Kingston, Brockville, Perth and Belleville. The role of each clinic is to

  • provide streamlined access to diagnostic testing, optimal medical and surgical management and counseling in lifestyle change to reduce stroke-risk for those at highest risk of stroke ( e.g. recent transient ischemic attack).
  • provide an integrated, comprehensive, inter-disciplinary approach to stroke prevention and case management for these high-risk patients
  • facilitate planning and implementation of primary and secondary stroke prevention strategies for the respective area of the region
  • work in partnership with primary care, acute care, stroke rehabilitation, community care access centres and other stake-holders in planning regional stroke prevention strategies

Kingston Stroke Prevention Clinic

(613) 549-6666, extensions 6320 and 6397
FAX: (613) 548-2537
Physician: Dr. Al Jin
Stroke Prevention Advanced Practice Nurse: Paula Christie
Medical Secretary: Karen Gray
Dietitian: Jeff Lalonde 
KGH Regional Stroke Prevention Clinic Referral Form 
(Referral by Physician/Nurse Practitioner only)


Brockville Stroke Prevention Clinic Brockville General Hospital

(613) 345-5645, extension 1410
FAX: (613) 345-8248
Physician: Dr. David Howse
Prevention Registered Nurse: Julie Keyzers 
Medical Secretary: Kelley Fournier
Dietitian: Adonica Keddy
Brockville General Hospital Stroke Prevention Clinic Referral Form
(Referral by Physician/Nurse Practitioner only)

Vascular Protection Clinic Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital - Great War Memorial Site

613) 267-1500, extension 4263
FAX: (613) 267-7158
Physician: Dr. Robert Del Grande
Prevention Registered Nurse: Crystal Newman
Medical Secretary: Stephanie Giroux 
Dietitian: Adrienne Butler
Perth and Smiths Falls Distriact Hospital Vascular Protection Clinic Referral Form 
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Quinte Stroke Prevention Clinic Belleville General Hospital Site

(613) 969-7400, extension 2871
FAX: (613) 961-2544
Physician: Dr. Curry Grant
Prevention Registered Nurse: Michelle Slapkauskas
QHC Stroke Prevention Clinic Referral Form 
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