Regional Stroke Centre

The Regional Stroke Centre of Southeastern Ontario is the Kingston Health Sciences Centre - Kingston General Hospital. The role of the Regional Stroke Centre is to

  • provide leadership, development, implementation and co-ordination of stroke care throughout the region across the entire continuum of stroke care
  • participate in education and provide co-ordinated stroke services based on best practices and evidence
  • work with community agencies involved in health promotion and stroke prevention in facilitating inter-organizational relationships

Regional Staff

Stroke Neurologist, Regional Stroke Medical Director

Dr. Albert Jin MD, PhD, FRCPC

Dr. Jin is an Associate Professor, Division of Neurology at Queen's University and works at Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Kingston General Hospital Site.  Dr. Jin is a stroke neurologist and provides medical leadership and direction to the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario. His role includes enabling medical consensus and teamwork in best practice stroke care, expert consultation, professional development, support in regional stroke projects. evaluation and continuous improvement.

Regional Director

Cally Martin (613) 549-6666, extension 3562

The Regional Director is responsible for working with the regional stroke team and with stakeholders in stroke prevention and care to plan and implement the Stroke Network Workplan in Southeastern Ontario. The Director is responsible for strategic planning and innovation, resource management, co-ordination and communication among existing services across the continuum of stroke care throughout the region with the goal of continuously improving the system of stroke prevention and care in Southeastern Ontario.

Regional Stroke Administrative Assistant

Liisa Ware  (613) 549-6666, extension 3853

Responsible for organizing and coordinating the regional stroke program administrative functions for the Regional Stroke Centre Team, Regional Stakeholders and Committees in the development of organized and coordinated best practice stroke care and education across the care continuum in Southeastern Ontario (SEO).

Regional Stroke Education Coordinator

Heather Jenkins (613) 549-6666, extension 3622

Responsible for developing, co-ordinating and implementing the stroke professional education work-plan of Southeastern Ontario, which includes implementing education initiatives across the entire continuum of care.

Regional Stroke Rehabilitation Coordinator

Shelley Huffman (613)-549-6666 extension 6841

Identifies stroke rehabilitation needs, strengths and service gaps and builds on opportunities for system change, partnerships and consultation to enhance access to stroke rehabilitation expertise and best practice.

Regional Stroke Community and Long Term Care Coordinator

Sandra Liu (613) 549-6666, extension 6867

Works with Long-Term Care Homes and community agencies to improve access to best practice stroke care in these settings and to improve transitions to long-term and community care.

Regional Stroke Best Practice Coordinator

Kayla Purdon (613) 549-6666, extension 6306

Works with inter-disciplinary care teams in the development, implementation and evaluation of care delivery systems that provide continuity of care and foster evidence-based practice, continuous quality improvement, and consistency of care across the region.The continuum of care focus for this role is on prevention, hyperacute and acute care.

Stroke Specialist Case Manager

Anne Dube (613) 549-6666, extension 2830
Corrie Hall (613) 549-6666, extension 7135

Works with the Regional Centre stroke team to case manage stroke patients through the hospital and the region to improve patient flow and to improve access to best practice stroke care.

In addition to the staff listed above, the Regional Stroke Centre receives funding for a best practice interdisciplinary stroke team consisting of a physiotherapist, stroke resource nurse, occupational therapist, speech language pathologist, dietitian and social worker.