Steering Committee

The health professionals involved in implementing the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario work across the continuum of stroke care: prevention, emergency, acute care, rehabilitation and community re-engagement.

More About the Committee

Steering Committee

The Regional Stroke Steering Committee acts as the board of directors of the Southeastern Ontario Stroke Network. It ensures that participating organizations support the commitments outlined in the service guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

The strategic direction of the committee is:

As regional leaders, we use our collective wisdom to achieve excellence and drive seamless integration of care across the continuum from the perspective of the person at risk of a stroke or a stroke survivor.


Through regular meetings (five a year) the Regional Stroke Steering Committee:

  • provides leadership, identifies resource requirements and fosters collaboration amongst regional health care providers in the planning, development and implementation of a best practice model for stroke care
  • determines the needs for implementing and managing specific activities and establishes the necessary structures as required
  • integrates recommendations from regional task teams and local workgroups into a co-ordinated regional plan
  • facilitates opportunities to use and/or establish regional information systems relating to stroke care
  • formalizes regional integration and partnership obligations


The Regional Stroke Steering Committee membership reflects the stroke continuum and includes representatives from health promotion, stroke prevention and stroke care, including primary and secondary prevention, pre-hospital, emergency and acute care, rehabilitation, community and long-term care. It also includes at least one community member with first-hand experience with stroke. The membership reflects the geographical planning areas and organizations served by the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario.

Stroke Network Committees

The Stroke Network supports regional committees to lead the planning and implementation of best practices for various sectors of the care continuum. Time-limited Project Advisory Workgroups are also formed to lead change in relation to various aspects of the regional stroke workplan as described in the projects section of this website. The membership of the standing network committees can be viewed below:

A "Collaborative Learning Network" has been formed between our LTC partners in each area of SEO with the Psychogeriatric, Palliative Care and Stroke Network teams.

Please call Liisa Ware at (613) 549-6666, extension 3853, if you wish further information.


The Regional Steering Committee meets five times a year to oversee the running of the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario. Other Stroke Network committees meet regularly. Please call Liisa Ware at (613) 549-6666, x 3853, if you wish information about the meetings of the Regional Stroke Steering Committee or the Stroke Network, or if you wish a copy of the minutes from a previous meeting.