Ontario Stroke Report Card FY2016-17, South East LHIN

The LHIN Stroke Report Card provides a high level snapshot of stroke prevention and care.  Page one of the report card includes the indicators/performance measures using a colour coded system to highlight LHIN performance as follows:

Green: Indicates exemplary performance, benchmark achieved or within 5% absolute/relative difference from the benchmark;
Yellow: Indicates acceptable, at or above the 50th percentile and > 5% absolute/relative difference from the benchmark;
Red: Indicates poor performance, with outcomes below the 50th percentile;
White: Indicates the benchmark methodology is still in development.

Page 2 of the Stroke Report Card contains the Stroke Progress Report and Page 3 contains the Provincial Results. The report is accompanied by an interpretation of the data noting areas of progress/success, opportunities for improvement and planned actions.

Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2018: Stroke Care and Outcomes in Complex Continuing Care and Long Term Care 

Stroke Evaluation Report 2018 - CCC and LTC

Ontario Stroke Network Evaluation Report 2016: Focus on Rehabilitation

The State of Stroke Rehabilitation in Ontario: 2016 Focus Report of the Ontario Stroke Network was released November 22nd. This report documents improvements made in stroke rehabilitative care in Ontario from 2011/12 to 2014/15. It presents detailed information on stroke survivor outcomes and implementation of best practices in rehabilitation at multiple levels of analysis.
Stroke Evaluation Report 2016 – Rehab

Ontario Stroke Report Card FY2015-16, South East LHIN

Ontario Stroke Report Card FY2014-15, South East LHIN

Ontario Stroke Report Card FY2013-14 South East LHIN

Ontario Stroke Report Card FY2012-13 South East LHIN

Ontario Stroke Report Card FY2011-12 South East LHIN

Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2015

Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2014

Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2013
Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report: Supplementary Exhibits 2013

This report summarizes provincial and local trends in stroke care indicators from various data sources, including emergency care, acute care, rehabilitation and community stroke care.