Southeastern Ontario Stroke Symposium- Improving the Patient Journey

November 27th, 2019

Plenary Session:

Cally Martin, Regional Director
Opening Remarks- Painting the Landscape of Stroke Care

Dr. Ramana Appireddy
Advances in Stroke Care

Dr. Amy Yu
Stroke in Women

Jeanne Bonnell and Theresa Grant (Champlain LHIN)
Maximizing Rehabilitation across the Continuum

Shelley Huffman, Regional Rehabilitation Coordinator
Transitions along the Journey

Concurrent Sessions:

Dr. Zoe Briggs and Wendy Sarsons
Improving Function through Vision Therapy

Gwen Brown, Lynda Lennox, Natalie Aitken and Shannon McCallum
Getting on with life after a stroke

Dr. Al Jin, Mark Schjerning, Colleen Murphy and Laura McDonough
Hyperacute Stroke Care: Highlights and Updates

Danielle Hart, Dr. Adam Steacie, Cory Sydorenko and Cindy Moser
Challenges in Stroke Prevention: Anticoagulation

Heidi Molenaar, Leanna Laing, Gwen Brown
Navigating and Supporting the Journey

Derk Damron, Melissa Roblin, Shirley Williams, Hannah Healey, Angla Maxwell
Integrated Stroke Unit: Lessons Learned from Quinte Health Care