Southeastern Ontario Stroke Best Practice Symposium: Implementing Rehabilitation Intensity Inpatient Rehabilitation

November 6, 2015

Shelley Huffman, BScPT

Welcome, Background and Objectives

Shelley Huffman, BScPT, Vincent DePaul, PT, PhD, Janine Theban, BSc, MSc, OT Reg.

Quality Based Prcoedures in Rehab: Rehab Intensity - Why it Matters; Provincial Workgroup Update

Shelley Huffman, BScPT, Janine Theban, BSc, MSc, OT Reg.

Introduction to PDSA

Kristina Marttila, OT, Danielle Pierce, PT, Janine Theban, BSc, MSc, OT Reg.

Enhancing Rehab Intensity: Team Experience (West GTA)

Jenn Levy, BScOT, Reg OT, Quinte Health Care

Addressing Stroke Intensity: PTA/OTA Treatment on Rehab Floor on Weekends

Mary Jo Demers, PT, Stephanie Feldman, M.Cl.Sc., SLP(C), Reg. CASLPO, Providence Care, St. Mary's of the Lake Hospital site

Awareness of Rehabilitation Intensity

Angela Rodgers, OT, Reg (ONT), Brockville General Hospital

Let's Talk!

Vincent DePaul, PT, PhD, Queen's University

Promotion and Measurement of Rehab Intensity: a research program

Shelley Huffman, BScPT, Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario: Initiatives across the Province

Knowledge Exchange Summary from SW Forum (Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network)

A Lean Approach to Maximizing Stroke Rehab Intensity (St. Peter's Hospital Lean Project)