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June is Stroke Awareness Month and there is much to celebrate! The stroke care system in our region is well established and continues to improve. This is supported by the ongoing commitment and compassion of everyone working in stroke care in our region, across the full continuum of care. To celebrate Stroke month, there are many events going on at National and Local levels. Stroke Survivor Support Groups are working with local Community Support Agencies to help get key messages out again this year!

We have great news for persons with stroke leaving hospital who require rehabilitation! Community Stroke Rehabilitation (CSR) programs at Providence Care Hospital, Quinte Health, Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital and Home and Community Care Support Services South East have each received new and ongoing funding to expand services.

On March 7th, 2024, the Stroke Network held a local engagement and education session with primary care providers in the Perth and Smiths Falls area. The goal of this event was to share information about primary and secondary stroke prevention and to discuss challenges and opportunities specific to that part of the region.
The event showcased current evidence-based practices in primary and secondary stroke prevention. Information was shared about approaches across the continuum in supporting primary care with stroke prevention. Collaborative discussions with primary care providers focused first on challenges and then brainstorming opportunities to address these challenges

With the recent announcement of Cally Martin’s upcoming retirement in August, we are pleased to announce that Shelley Huffman will be stepping into the position of Regional Director, Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario, starting June 3, 2024. This will provide overlap for orientation while Shelley also covers the Rehabilitation Coordinator role. Recruitment is underway for the Rehab Coordinator position.

On November 22, 2023- the Stroke Network held a local engagement and education session with physicians and other primary care providers in the Brockville area. The goal of this event was to share information about primary and secondary stroke prevention, and to host a discussion about challenges and opportunities that exist specific to Leeds and Grenville counties

“Getting to the stroke unit made all the difference- I knew I could relax a bit knowing [family member] was well cared for.”

A person who experiences a stroke is more likely to survive, recover, and return home when early stroke care is provided by a specialized team in an Acute Stroke Unit.  Ontario Health - CorHealth Ontario has been leading a provincial project on Stroke Unit Care. An Ontario Stroke Unit Definition was released in June 2023 outlining ten key components of acute stroke unit care.

“We all work together to make things better” ~Stroke Survivor
The Community Stroke Support Services: Southeastern Ontario Annual Report for 2022-23 and the 2023 Consultation Report, What We Heard: Enhancing Individualized Community Stroke Services are now complete. Outstanding and innovative work to support stroke survivors and their families/caregivers across the region has been demonstrated over the past year.

The 2022-23 Community Stroke Rehab Program (CSRP) Annual Report has been released. The annual report and infographic highlight important components the in-home rehab therapy program provided in the southeast region. Patients across the southeast have been able to receive in-home stroke rehab therapy since the program was established in 2009. This year’s report included information on how in-home therapy providers have introduced rehab assistants into their staffing model to allow for a greater intensity of therapy visits where appropriate.

We are pleased to announce that Sandra Liu was the successful applicant in the recent selection of Regional Stroke Community and Long Term Care Coordinator, Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario. Sandra will begin her work in the role on Tuesday Jan 9th when she can be reached at; phone 613-549-6666 ext 6867.