Community Stroke Rehabilitation Services are Growing!


We have great news for persons with stroke leaving hospital who require rehabilitation! Community Stroke Rehabilitation (CSR) programs at Providence Care Hospital, Quinte Health, Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital and Home and Community Care Support Services South East have each received new and ongoing funding to expand services. Funding has been received from the Ministry of Health to support a provincial initiative to increase access and begin to close service gaps related to the Community Stroke Rehabilitation Model of Care. With the new funding, Providence Care Hospital is opening a new Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Program in Summer 2024. The primary focus is to provide intensive stroke rehabilitation after leaving hospital. This will be modelled on the successful pilot project in 2023 depicted in the photo above. The team will include a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Therapy Assistants, Speech Language Pathologist and a Social Worker.

“I think this program is extremely warranted and would be beneficial for many. I think the implementation of this program could help with the demands on home care therapy resources, as well as likely reduce emergency department visits.” Comment from PCH Pilot Evaluation.

Both Quinte Health and Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital are adding new staff resources that will support patients in their transitions. Quinte Health will use funding to add a part-time Social Work role to its interprofessional Rehab Day Hospital stroke team located in Belleville. This role will help to address a longstanding gap in social work support and mental health expertise in Quinte Health stroke services. The stroke team is exploring how this role will enable more effective transitions, provide consistent depression screening and support follow-up. Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital has added a navigation role to support persons with stroke and their families transitioning to and from stroke rehabilitation programs at this site. Initially, this will focus on building relationships with other stroke partners and developing improved communication and transitions.

Over time, enhancements to outpatient services should enable the current home care Community Stroke Rehabilitation Program to focus resources on those who are best served in their homes. This would include a focus on areas not serviced by an Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Program. Further enhancements to the current in-home Community-Stroke-Rehab-Program are expected to be determined in the coming months. Stay tuned!!

Any rehabilitation providers interested in learning more about CSR topics of interest are welcome to join the Ontario Health CSR Community of Practice through Quorum! Join for access to discussion boards, webinars, and resources.

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