Welcome to NEW Stroke Support Group Facilitator at VON Canada, Greater Kingston

The Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario welcomes Emilia Leslie who will be facilitating the KFLA stroke support groups and programs.  Emilia has shared this message:"My name is Emilia Leslie and I am very excited and grateful to announce the start of my position as the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Program Coordinator – Stroke Department at the Greater Kingston site. I have had the privilege of working with individuals and families in various settings for over a decade, as well as meaningful partnerships with community service providers. Each day I continue to be inspired by valuable experiences and perspectives, which are at the heart of what influenced my decision to join the field of Social Work.  I look forward to our work together.  You can reach out to me via my contact information in the chart below." ~ Thank you, Emilia Leslie, MSW, RSWEach community stroke group within the southeast region has a skilled Facilitator providing support to stroke survivors and caregivers.  These supports can include:Planning and delivery of the various support groups (e.g., blended and separate stroke survivor & caregiver groups, aphasia supportive conversation groups, social/recreational groups, young stroke survivor group, introductory groups and virtual groups)Navigational supports including linking and referrals to community supports and servicesIdentification of the educational needs of stroke survivors and caregivers with subsequent provision of educational information using various modalities (e.g., verbally, written, guest speakers) Therapeutic group discussions with respect to psychosocial concerns and issues which may be prompted by ‘stimulus’ questions brought forward  by the FacilitatorsGeneral case management when social and community resources are either non-existent or limited and the participant requires assistance, information and/or advocacy to meet their needsCOVID has required the Facilitators to be especially innovative to ensure that stroke survivors and caregivers continue to receive the necessary supports and services. The following chart provides contact information for the Facilitators of the southeast stroke support groups.   Learn More