Virtual Visit Data Now Included in Annual Community Stroke Rehab Report

To Since the initiation of the Community Stroke Rehab Program (CSRP) in 2009, admissions to the program have continued to trend upwards (an increase of 228% since 2009).  With the onset of COVID, community rehab providers responded by including virtual visits in their model of care.  The 2021 Annual CSRP Report includes virtual visit data for the first time noting that the percent of patients receiving at least one virtual visit during this fiscal year was 25% for PT, 26.5% for OT, 25.6% for SLP and 56.9% for SW.  An integral part of the Community Stroke Rehab Program is the Community Rehab Planning (CoRP) Meeting as reflected below:  “We place a high priority on the CoRP meetings as they align with client-centred, collaborative initiatives for our stroke team. Working with Home and Community Care Support Services South East and our community rehab partners ensures a smooth transition and ongoing care that is based on the current and anticipated needs of each individual.  The OT or SLP lead the CoRP meeting providing an ideal opportunity to share timely information while also providing a designated time and place to discuss unanswered questions and relieve some of the pre-discharge worries for the client and family. Every client’s stroke journey is personal. The CoRP meeting assists us in working with the client and family to identify, prioritize and ensure access to essential supports and services, for a successful return home.” -PCH Lakeview 1 Stroke TeamThe CSRP provides enhanced rehab intensity for up to 12 weeks following discharge from hospital.  Therapy services include PT, OT, SLP and social work.   This year’s report highlighted several findings:A 11%  increase in CSRP patients for this fiscal (n=58)Median number of days to first therapy visit remains stable at 4 daysAverage number of visits per patient: PT 7.0, OT 6.0, SLP 3.9 and SW 3.5.  This is a decrease in average visits from last FY for PT, OT and SLP.  SW experienced an increase.Average number of visits per patient after acute care: PT 6.5, OT 5.1, SLP 3.8 and SW 3.5.  This is a decrease for PT, OT was relatively stable and SLP and SW saw increases.   Average number of visits per patient after rehab: PT 7.3, OT 7.9, SLP 4.4 and SW 3.7.  This is a decrease for PT but increases for OT, SLP and SW.  Annual visit totals increased for this fiscal for PT (­96) and SW (­40).  OT and SLP remained relatively stable. Percent of patients receiving only virtual visits was PT 0.8%, OT 1.9%, SLP 6.7% and SW 12.2%Social Work Services are frequently underutilized (18% of CSRP patients received SW services). Patients in large population communities received higher average PT visits and those in medium population communities received higher average OT visitsLEARN MORE to access additional CSRP evaluation results including results by geographic area. Key report highlights can be accessed in the Infographic.  If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact:Shelley HuffmanRegional Rehab Coordinatorshelley.huffman@kingstonhsc.ca613-549-6666 X 6841