Quinte Health Lands a Prestigious Stroke Award

QH Accreditation Team

Quinte Health's stroke program has achieved the prestigious Distinction in Stroke Services, Acute and Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation, through Accreditation Canada. This remarkable recognition showcases the team’s national leadership and unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional stroke care.

In 2021, Quinte Health embarked on the rigorous journey of applying to Accreditation Canada's Stroke Distinction Program. This comprehensive assessment program acknowledges healthcare organizations that strive for clinical excellence and adhere to evidence-informed practices in stroke care, integrating best practice recommendations developed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Quinte Health's Stroke Program started in 2005 and has continuously expanded its scope, advancing year after year. Notable milestones include the first delivery of the clot-busting drug, Alteplase (tPA), for acute stroke in 2010, the first assessment and rapid transport for endovascular therapy in Kingston in 2017, and the establishment of our Integrated Stroke and Rehabilitation Unit in 2018-2019 at Belleville General Hospital, where patients receive comprehensive acute care and rehabilitation services on one integrated unit. Furthermore, our dedication to improving "door-to-needle times" for patients eligible for tPA treatment has resulted in improved patient outcomes.

Dr. Andrew Samis, Stroke Physician Champion at Quinte Health, stated, “This Stroke Distinction designation represents the culmination of 18 years of hard work by everyone involved in stroke care at Quinte Health. The surveyors recognized our constant desire to improve our stroke care, add new therapies, and evaluate and adjust protocols. I firmly believe we have one of the best stroke programs in the province, and we stand ready to do our best for our community providing top-notch stroke care for all those impacted by stroke in the region.”

In May 2023, BGH underwent its first acute and rehab survey, meeting the requirements in five key areas: 161 acute and rehab standards, 20 clinical protocols, 16 key quality indicators, an innovation project, and patient and family education in acute and rehab stroke care. The Stroke Distinction surveyors commended the hospital's achievements in various critical aspects, including: outstanding teamwork and collaboration across the continuum of care, commitment to stroke services demonstrated by clinical and physician leadership, robust community partnerships, and leadership in planning and implementing integrated stroke services in the district.

Stacey Daub, President and CEO of Quinte Health, states, "Our stroke program is a glowing example of high-quality, compassionate care close to home. Achieving the National Distinction award is a testament to the incredible stroke leadership our clinicians and staff exhibit each and every day at Quinte Health. Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this amazing achievement—your unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in stroke services inspires me."

The Stroke Distinction is a four-year award that requires a continuous commitment to providing the highest quality service levels. The hospital will continue to submit key quality indicator data and identify quality improvement activities in areas for growth and improvement as identified by surveyors.

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