Check out this *NEW* Resource: Smart Tips for Stroke Care - a healthcare provider guide

Smart Tips

We are excited to share that a new resource is now available for healthcare providers working with stroke in the community and long-term care setting! Smart Tips for Stroke Care is a collection of 15 fact sheets that are quick and easy to navigate. These fact sheets cover a range of topics related to stroke and smart tips for how to care for a person with stroke.

This practical guide was created with the long-term care setting in mind, but anyone interested in stroke care can benefit from using this resource. A consultation with leaders and healthcare workers in long-term care suggested that the resource be short, visually appealing, accessible and broken down into relevant topics. A provincial writing group with representation from Ontario’s Stroke Networks was established to create this new resource and each of the Networks helped fund the project. The writing group drafted each individual topic utilizing current evidence and sharing with subject matter experts and end-users for review. The graphic design company, Over the Atlantic brought the content to life with a visually appealing and easy to read format. Smart Tips will be available soon (by end of June) for download as a complete booklet or as individual topics. Click here to access Smart Tips for Stroke Care!