Welcome to the First Best Practice Blog about Stroke Recognition

It seems fitting that we are launching our blog during Stroke Month. To kick start this blog, we thought a relevant starting point is the best practice of raising awareness about early stroke recognition and response. It was noted in the recently released 2015/16 Ontario Stoke Report Card that the proportion of stroke patients who arrived at the Emergency Department by ambulance was only 57.8% in Southeastern Ontario. Everyone should call 911 in response to signs of a stroke.

To keep it light to start, how about you let this blogging community know if you have shared the FAST acronym with your friends, families or colleagues? If you have, indicate "yes" under comments and feel free to add a comment about your experience in sharing the FAST

For your interest, see the 2017 Heart and Stroke Foundation Report which is hot off the press!

Celebrate stroke month by telling a friend – “Recognize stroke FAST and call 911”.