Environmental Scan of LTC Homes in Southeastern Ontario Report, September 2009

In order to better understand how the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario (SNSEO) could best support the 39 LTC Homes in our region to implement and sustain best practice stroke care, an environmental scan was conducted. The goals of the scan were to:

  • Inititate or renew contact with the Homes (through the Regional Stroke Community & LTC Coordinator);
  • Introduce or re-introduce the available educational supports offered by the SNSEO and obtain feedback on their value;
  • Enhance our understanding of the challenges currently faced by LTC Homes and how the SNSEO might help to address these challenges to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes; and
  • Inform SNSEO Workplans

An Environmental Scan of LTC Homes in Southeastern Ontario, September 2009
Presentation Summary of the Environmental Scan of LTC Homes