Enhancing Stroke Patient Flow & Quality Outcomes in Acute Care & Rehabilitation at Quinte Health Care

June 3, 2014

Presenters: Plenary Session

Al Jin, MD, PhD, FRCPC

Best Practice Acute Stroke Care

Natasha Uens, PT

Leveraging Rehabilitation to Optimize Neuroplasticity & Improve Patient Outcomes in Acute Care & Rehabilitation

Melissa Roblin, RN, BScN, GNC(C), Amy Quilty, OT, Lee Marchildon, BA,BST

Stroke "QUIZ"

Presenters: Concurrent Sessions

Grace Zwart, RN

Canadian Neurological Scale

Jenn Levy, OT, Reg (Ont), Karen Loney, RN

Cognition & Perception

Shirley Williams, SLP

Communication Strategies

Shirley Williams, SLP, Susan Desjardins, RD

Dysphagia, Nutrition & NG Tubes

Christanne Lewis, BA, RN, BScN, QHC District Stroke Coordinator

Operation Stroke: Prevention & Management of Complications

Natasha Uens, PT, Francine Carrier-Stevens, PT, Chelsea Foster, RN

Positioning, Transferring & Shoulder Management in Acute and Rehab

Dallas Seitz, MD, FRCP(C)

Post Stroke Depression & Screening Tools

Curry Grant, MD, MSc, FRCPFC

Stroke Prevention Clinic: TIA and Stroke Management