Updated: Canadian Stroke Community-based Exercise Recommendations.

Exercise Recommendations“We have found that our group stroke exercise session has been beneficial in improving function and health, but also helping foster healthy lifestyle changes with support from their peers. As well, we have noted an increase in confidence as our group has progressed from seated exercises to standing, which is great for the participants’ mental health and overall quality of life.” – Registered Kinesiologist

Care providers in Southeastern Ontario recognize the numerous health benefits associated with stroke-specific community-based exercise programs. The Canadian Stroke Community-based Exercise Recommendations have been recently updated and include current evidence for exercise providers to plan and implement their programs. The Canadian Stroke Community-based Exercise Recommendations Update 2020: A Resource for Community-based Exercise Providers, is an evidence-based resource designed to help safely incorporate exercise programs in the community for individuals who have experienced a stroke. Eight recommendations are included that help guide screening practices, supervision levels, exercise principles, facility requirements, and emergency planning. The resources include the recommendations in full, an “At-a-Glance” document that allows for a quick review, and a “Choosing a Community Exercise Program after Stroke” document to assist with the selection of an appropriate exercise program. The Canadian Stroke Community-based Exercise recommendations help support the planning and implementation of exercise programs like the ones offered in Southeastern Ontario to promote safe and effective exercises for stroke survivors.

The benefits of exercise in post-stroke care is undeniable with participants of community exercise programs in Southeastern Ontario praising these programs highlighting that “the exercise makes you feel great! Both for my physical and mental health!” Another participant added that “I find I am more flexible now especially with the wrist and ankle twists. I couldn't do the left leg before. Also, it’s a great way to stay connected with the friends and other people a part of the stroke community.”

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