New Vascular Protection Nurse at Perth & Smithfalls District Hospital

On behalf of the team at PSFDH, we would like to take a moment to congratulate Tracy Thorne as the successful candidate for the Clinic Nurse Role within our Vascular Protection Clinic (VPC). 

Tracy has been well known to our PSFDH team, most recently for her work as a Care Coordinator for Home and Community Care Support Services (South East) where she had the important role of coordinating and developing home care service plans based on the individualized needs of each client. Prior to that role, Tracy was employed for PSFDH as a Patient Flow Coordinator and had the important task of managing bed flow throughout the hospital, all while counselling patients on discharge planning and collaborating with the LHINs and other members of the health care team to ensure safe transitions for our patients. Tracy also brings decades of both emergency and peri-operative nursing experience to our team.  We are very excited to have Tracy returning to our organization!

Tracy can be reached at: 613-283-2330 x4263 or