The NEW Ontario Stroke Report

Every year the Stroke Networks review a robust provincial report on stroke care. In June 2020, CorHealth Ontario released a stroke care evaluation report that takes a new approach. It includes visual and graphic displays of trends in over 30 stroke care indicators over the past 5 years, providing a robust analysis of stroke system performance across the care continuum. The new 2018/19 Ontario Stroke Report shows steady growth in access to hyperacute treatment, Stroke Prevention Clinics and acute stroke unit care across the province, with strong care performance within our region. The report also indicates that continued regional emphasis is needed on primary prevention of stroke and on timely flow and access to intensive rehabilitation. Access to home-based rehabilitation is notably a strength in our region. Outpatient rehabilitation service gaps are an ongoing concern; the report brings to light the data gaps in this aspect of care, affecting our ability to fully interpret the rehabilitation system that is so vital to recovery after a stroke.The rich information provided in this evaluation will support stroke care providers in working together as one team across the care continuum to improve stroke prevention and care. Ontario and South East Region Stroke Report Infographics have been been prepared for your review. These provide a visual depiction of performance along the care journey. The Stroke Team has also created LOCAL Infographics that can be obtained from the Regional Stroke Office by contacting any team member or Learn More