Primary Care & Stroke Prevention Clinic Update

March 20, 2018

Click on this link to see summary of Primary Care and Stroke Prention Clinic Update and resources discussed throughout the Update. Below are the presentations from this event:

Dr. A. Jin, Medical Director, Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario
What's new in Best Practice Stroke Prevention and Diagnostics
Pregnancy and Stroke

Dr. R. Appireddy, Assistant Professor, Division of Neurology, Queen's University & 
Cally Martin Regional Director, Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario
Endovascular Thrombectomy (EVT)

Dr. M. Hussain, Assistant Professor, Division of Geriatric Psychiatry, Queen's University &
Dr. E. St. Denis, Resident, Department of Psychiatry, Queen's University
Depression Screening and Outpatient Manaement

J. Lalonde, RD, Medicine, Stroke & Cardiac Programs, Kingston Health Sciences Centre
Nutrition & Activity Level

Dr. R. Del Grande, Internist, Department of Medicine, Vascular Protection Clinic, Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital
Stroke Mimics & Ask Your Secondary Stroke Prevention Questions