What's New in Home-Based Rehabilitation Services!

SE LHIN Home & Community Care (formerly CCAC) has been providing Enhanced Community Rehabilitation Services to eligible stroke survivors since 2009. A Communiqué is issued annually to all stakeholders to share the findings of ongoing program evaluation. Key findings from this 2016/17 Communiqué include: 

  • Referrals to the program continue to increase (up by 48 referrals from previous fiscal year)
  • Proportion of referrals from rehab continue in a slight downward trend while referrals from acute care are trending upwards
  • Increase in Discharge Link Meetings for Providence Care Hospital and Quinte Health Care
  • Median wait time remains stable at 4 days to first therapy visit
  • Significant increase in total number of OT and PT visits as compared to previous fiscal
  • Social Work Services are frequently underutilized. A SW referral should be considered when assessing clients.
  • Low referral rate to the Enhanced Rehab Program for clients transitioning to LTC. Lengthy wait times to access LTC do NOT preclude the client from being eligible for those services  

Coming soon!!!! Changes to Enhanced Community Rehab Services which will focus on increased flexibility to support individualization of treatment plans.  Changes are in response to feedback from clients, caregivers and health care providers.  Stay tuned for further information on the when and how anticipated changes will be implemented.

Please note that the Communiqué includes an appendix focusing on reminders to support continued quality improvement. Should you have any questions, please contact Gwen Brown by email at browng2@kgh.kari.net or by phone at 613-549-6666 x6867.