Stroke Survivors & Families Continue to Lead Community Reintegration


“Involvement in decision-making is important. I’ve gone through a life-changing event, and I want to continue to be a driving force in where my life is going.” ~ Stroke Survivor      

New regional stroke community reintegration initiatives over the past two years have included the expansion of peer visiting programs and Aphasia Supportive Conversation Groups as well as the creation of a southeast Return to Driving resource and a  Patient Journey Map.  Additionally, virtual stroke support models have been introduced in response to the COVID pandemic. 

A promise was made to the stroke survivors and families who participated in the 2007 and 2015 community consultations that the Stroke Network would provide regular updates on the activities of the Community Reintegration Leadership Team. A Biennial Report is released every two years to share that information.

The Community Reintegration Leadership Team (CRLT) is a community advisory committee for the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario (SNSEO) and includes persons with stroke, family members and health care providers.  The CRLT began after a community consultation in 2007 with the goal of supporting community reintegration following a stroke.  The CRLT continued to leverage findings from the 2007 consultation and the subsequent 2015 community consultation to identify opportunities to improve supports for stroke survivors and caregivers.  The 2015 consultation identified five key themes (see themes picture above which guide the work of the CRLT and frame the contents of the Biennial Report).  The 2020 Biennial Report highlights activities that support community reintegration within the previous two years and includes community responses to the emergence of COVID. 
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If you would like additional information or have questions, please contact:

Gwen Brown
Regional Community & LTC Coordinator
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