Stroke Support Groups Respond to a ~30% Increase in Referrals


According to the 2020 annual report and infographic, an increasing number of stroke survivors are participating in stroke support programs offered by the community support agencies in this region. This annual report is a collaborative initiative between the three Community Support Service (CSS) agencies hosting the stroke support group programs (Community Care for South Hastings based in Belleville; VON Canada, Greater Kingston; and Senior Support Services CPHC based in Brockville) and the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario.  The report provides information on the support group programs, services offered and outcomes achieved.  This year, the report focused on the increasing volumes and shifting demographics of the stroke survivor and caregiver populations served by these CSS agencies as well as the innovative approaches the Stroke Support Group Facilitators have employed in light of the COVID restrictions.   The report also highlights how this upward trend in stroke prevalence within the southeast has resulted in increased participant numbers (see graphs below) and an increasingly diverse demographic requiring post-stroke support.  The complex challenges this changing context poses within the current funding structure are also identified within the report.    



Transitioning to the community while adjusting to a life-changing event requires a diversity of supports for both the stroke survivor and the family.  The stroke support programs provide key navigational and support links.

“As a proud two-time stroke survivor, if it was not for the Stroke Survivor Group I would be a lost, depressed soul.  Having found the group 8 years ago it has made me a better person,  it has given me confidence in allowing  me to speak up for me and of course all the other survivors in our group . I think us being able to see and meet on Zoom is great especially for those who live in the country; we can see them and vice versa. It lets them know we are here and have their backs.” ~ Stroke Survivor
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If you would like additional information or have questions about the annual report, please contact:

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