Stroke Rehabilitation Unit Orientation (Stroke Network of Southwestern Ontario)

The Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network is proud to announce the official launch of the 2016 Stroke Rehabilitation Unit Orientation.

This resource was developed by the Southwestern Ontario Stroke Network to support the education of regulated health professionals by providing a framework for learning, and by identifying knowledge, skills and values that cross the core competencies of all the disciplines and are important to the delivery of best practice stroke care.


This free self-directed learning program includes quizzes, and covers 12 core stroke care topics:

- Pathophysiology of stroke neuroanatomy, and stroke syndromes
- Stroke rehabilitation management
- Monitoring for vascular risk factors
- Continence
- Swallowing, nutrition, and oral care
- Communication
- Cognition, vision, and perception
- Self-care, vision, and activities of daily living
- Positioning, transfers, and ambulation
- Mood and behaviour changes
-Sexuality post-stroke
- Secondary stroke prevention

Target Audience

While the target audience is nurses that are new to practicing in a stroke rehabilitation unit, this resource can be used by any professional discipline who works within the rehabilitation setting.


An electronic evaluation of this orientation can be located at the above link. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as the content will be reviewed and updated every two years to remain current and relevant to the intended audience.

Acute Stroke Unit Orientation (Stroke Network of Southwestern Ontario)

The Acute Stroke Unit Orientation (developed by Southwestern Ontario 2015): A Self-Directed Acute Stroke Unit Learning Program for Nurses and Allied Health Team is also available online.