Shared Work Days go virtual!

Just in time learning support through linkage with another stroke clinician has been part of the stroke network’s education support for several years.  These Shared Work Days are often used in the community rehab setting to support clinicians.  These opportunities are helping clinicians support each other with more complex clients to ensure progress in rehabilitation goals.   During the COVID-19 pandemic the stroke network has continued to support clinicians to learn from one another even if it cannot be face to face!  “I greatly appreciate this opportunity and I know the client did as well” Kathleen Littlejohn, OT, Kaymar.

Shared Work Days can be completed through the use of web-based software (such as Zoom) to allow clinicians to connect virtually, even in a stroke survivor’s home with their consent.  In June, two community rehab providers were able to connect with a client present using zoom to explore coaching on upper extremity function treatment techniques.  The experience was felt to be “very worthwhile” and offered clinical support and treatment ideas despite the additional technical requirements.

A second shared work day took place in person a few weeks later for more detailed clinical teaching. Feedback from the learning session indicated that the patient has since been able to demonstrate more active movement than previously achieved. The primary therapist indicated she had gained skills and ideas to facilitate arm function, expanding her hands-on facilitation techniques.

If you have a learning need and want to connect with a stroke expert peer check out the SNSEO Shared Work Day opportunity.
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