Release of the Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2018: Stroke Care & Outcomes in Complex Continuing Care & Long-Term Care

Each year, approximately 1,100 individuals in Ontario are admitted to Complex Continuing Care (CCC) and 1,300 to Long Term Care (LTC) within 180 days of an acute care hospitalization for stroke or transient ischemic attack. Few reports have focused on this population and the care they receive in these settings.  The Ontario Stroke Evaluation Report 2018: Stroke Care and Outcomes in Complex Continuing Care and Long-Term Care begins to address that gap by describing:

  • sociodemographic characteristics;
  • burden of care;
  • the nature and extent of rehabilitation therapy received; and
  • stroke best practices and outcomes.

The Report identifies the high care needs of this older population who typically require extensive assistance with activities of daily living yet receive a relatively low level of services.   Health-Related Quality of Life scores were low and only a limited number of stroke survivors were considered to be socially engaged.  Only about one-quarter of stroke survivors in CCC received all three core rehab therapies (PT, OT and SLP) and no stroke survivor in the LTC setting received all three therapies.  Access to inpatient rehabilitation was limited as was access to recreation therapy and nursing restorative care.

To learn more, you can access the Infographic, full report and Executive Summary (page 9 of the full report) on the ICES website.  For questions, please contact Gwen Brown, Regional Community & LTC Coordinator at or by phone at 613-549-6666 X 6867.