New Patient Journey Map for Stroke Survivors & Families in the South East

Working with the Stroke Network’s Community Reintegration Leadership Team, a Patient Journey Map has been created.  This map visually displays the recovery journey following a stroke beginning with the stroke event and moving through acute, rehab and community care. 

The map is intended to reflect a diversity of patient journeys to stimulate and support conversations between patients/families and clinicians.  A handout of the Patient Journey Map includes a listing of potential resources on the reverse side.  This can be used by clinicians to provide the patient and family with a better understanding (and record) of the supports and services they will be receiving as they move along the care continuum. 

For additional information on the Patient Journey Map, please contact Gwen Brown, Regional Community & LTC Coordinator, or by phone at 613-549-6666 X 6867
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