New Client & Family Resource for Driving after Stroke

Returning to driving after a stroke can be a complicated and costly endeavor for stroke survivors and their families.  Understanding the rationale for suspending a driver’s licence and the process involved in a return to driving is imperative as the stroke survivor and family adapt to a changed life situation

This southeast Driving After a Stroke in Ontario resource is intended to help stroke survivors (and families) connect with supports and services that can assist them during the process of returning to driving.  The resource also recognizes that not all stroke survivors will be able to resume driving and a section applicable to those individuals is included.  Additionally, the resource includes two aphasia-friendly algorithms for returning to driving when the stroke survivor’s licence has been suspended and when the licence has not been suspended.  Information on Driving After a TIA in Ontario is also available. For more information, contact Gwen Brown, Regional Community & LTC Coordinator at or by phone at 1-613-549-6666 X 6867. 
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