More Stroke Survivors Received Rehab at Home in 2019/20


Since the initiation of the Community Stroke Rehab Program (CSRP) in 2009, admissions to the program have essentially doubled.  Data from the current annual evaluation report demonstrated variations between urban/rural geographies.   Various data points (e.g., visit averages, referral rates, wait times for initial therapy service) help to inform quality improvement.  The report and infographic also include key messages for rehab providers.  

 The CSRP provides enhanced rehab intensity for up to 12 weeks following discharge from hospital.  Therapy services include PT, OT, SLP and social work.   This year’s report highlighted several findings:

  • A 14% increase in admissions to the CSRP for this fiscal with patients discharged from an acute care setting comprising the majority of those admissions at 56%.  Since the CSRP was initiated in 2009, there has been a 195% relative increase in admissions to the program.

  • Visit totals for all therapies increased for this fiscal (visit totals: PT­ 652, OT 553, SLP 129, SW 37)
  • Social Work Services continue to be underutilized; approximately 20% of patients admitted to the CSRP received SW services.  Given the complexity of stroke and the life-changing nature of a stroke event for both the stroke survivor and the caregiver, it would be expected that the referral percentage would be higher.
  • Location of home residence has had an impact on some program components; those living in small population areas averaged one additional day of wait time for services and those residing in large population centres received a higher average number of PT and OT visits.
  • Gender divisions are evident.  Females between the ages of 80 to 89 comprise the largest category within that gender; males are primarily in the younger categories of 60 to 69 and 70 to 79.

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