July 2016 Provincial Release of Updated Best Practice Stroke Care Plans for Long Term Care Homes (LTC)

In 2015, the Heart & Stroke Foundation released the best practice resource, Taking Action for Optimal Community & Long Term Stroke Care(C) (previously Tips and Tools for Everyday Living(C)).  In response to this release, a working group of Long Term Care (LTC) Home representatives and members of the Ontario Stroke Network reviewed the best practice Stroke Care Plans (initially released in 2012) to ensure continued alignment with this best practice document and current LTC practices and regulations.  The Stroke Care Plans are intended to enable all Ontario LTC Homes to incorporate best practice stroke care into resident care planning.

The Stroke Care Plans and supporting documents can be accessed through this website under Best Practice & Education - Community & LTC.  The additional documents to support implementation include Background, FAQx, Implementation Tips, and a slide deck on the Stroke Best Practice Care Plans for LTC.  Gwen Brown, the Regional Stroke Community & LTC Care Coordinator for the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario is available to support implementation, to answer any questions you may ahve and to assist with educational needs.  Gwen can be contacted at browng2@kgh.kari.net or by phone at 613-549-6666 x6867.