International Recognition for the Stroke Network of SEO at the World Stroke Congress Oct 2018

The 11th World Stroke Congress took place in Montreal in Oct 2018 bringing together leading international stroke experts.

The Stroke Network of SEO teams were engaged in the delivery of presentations related to Stroke Prevention Clinic core elements, Endovascular Thrombectomy, Acute Stroke Unit care, innovations in rehabilitation, and the evaluation of stroke care in Complex Continuing Care and LTC settings, a true cross-continuum contribution!  One oral presentation outlined the regional impact of consolidating acute stroke care from nine community hospitals across Southeastern Ontario to three specialized stroke units. This resulted in an increase in Stroke Unit Utilization from 39% to 77% with an associated five percent drop in the stroke mortality in the region. “More people are getting stroke unit care. This means more people survive to recover and return home” says Cally Martin, Regional Director, Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario. To review the Stroke Network of SEO contributions to the World Congress.  Learn More.