Record number of referrals to Community Stroke Rehab Program in 2017/18

South East LHIN Home & Community Care has been providing Community Stroke Rehabilitation Services to eligible stroke survivors since 2009.  An
Annual Report is disseminated to all stakeholders to share the findings of the ongoing program evaluation.  For the first time this year, an Infographic has also been created which highlights key evaluation findings and also includes important reminders for health care providers either referring to or providing care for clients on the Community Stroke Rehab Program (CSRP).  Of note for fiscal year 2017/18 is the continued increase in referrals to the program (376 new stroke survivors were admitted to the CSRP ranging in age from 27 years to age 98 years) and a stable median wait time from discharge to first therapy visit of 4 days (CSRP target is 5 days). Stroke survivors admitted to the CSRP received an average of 15 therapy visits from OT, PT, SLP and/or SW. For further information, please access the Annual Report or Infographic. Should you have any questions, please contact Gwen Brown by email at or by phone at 613-549-6666 X 6867.  Learn More