Community Reintegration Leadership Team Releases 2018 Biennial Report

The Community Reintegration Leadership Team (CRLT), a community advisory committee for the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario (SNSEO), includes persons with stroke, family members and community service providers.  The CRLT was formed after a community consultation in 2007 with the goal of supporting initiatives and actions that will help with community reintegration following a stroke.  In 2015, a second community consultation was conducted under the direction of the CRLT. 

The Stroke Network  promised  to continue to provide updates on its activities  to the stroke survivors and families who participated in the consultations .  This Biennial Report provides that information.

Should you have any questions and/or would like to provide feedback on this report, please contact Gwen Brown, Regional Community & Long Term Care Coordinator with the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario at 613-549-6666 X 6867 or by email at