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Supporting Patient & Family Education across the Region

Working with stroke survivors, families and health care providers, the SNSEO developed a listing of recommended contents for a Stroke Information Package. This package is intended to support survivor and family education as well as community reintegration following a stroke. Ideally, this package would be provided to all stroke survivors early in their hospital stay though it may be useful at any point in the care journey.

March 20th Primary Care and Stroke Prevention Clinic Update Summary

The Primary Care and Stroke Prevention Clinic Update held March 20th, 2018 was well-received.  88 health care providers participated from across the South East. 

Ontario Stroke Prevention Clinics Core Elements

Core Elements for Stroke Prevention Clinics were identified by a provincial work group based on previous provincial standards of care, Canadian Stroke Best Practices, and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care Quality-Based Procedures.

Supplemental Education Resources for Stroke Survivors & Caregivers

Patient and caregiver education is of critical importance in the recovery journey. The needs and abilities of each individual will vary and some may be interested in exploring topics in depth. To...

Canadian Stroke Congress, September 9-11, 2017, Calgary

Southeastern Ontario shares their knowledge nationally with an excellent showing at the Canadian Stroke Congress in September 2017 in Calgary.  To view the posters from our region, click...

Smoking Cessation Maps

Navigation maps of smoking cessation resources for health care providers have been created by the Tobacco Control Area network of the three Public Health Units for each of the three geographic...

Provincial Interprofessional Stroke Core Competency Framework

The Provincial Interprofessional Stroke Core Competency Framework has now been launched. The Stroke Core Competencies are an online framework consisting of a core set of stroke competencies for...

Quality Based Procedures in Stroke Care - Revised Edition now includes Endovascular Treatment

Southeastern Ontario Stroke Symposium: Best Practice Across the Care Continuum

The presentations from the November 23rd Southeastern Ontario Stroke Symposium are now available online. Over 200 people from across Southeastern Ontario participated. The plenary...

Managing Transitions of Care Following Stroke

The Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations has released a 2016 Guidelines update for Managing Transitions of Care Following Stroke.  The focus of these recommendations is...