Annual Community Stroke Rehab Program (CSRP) Report Released: 19% increase in CSRP referrals in 2018/19

The annual Community Stroke Rehab Program Report and accompanying Infographic provides an overview of the Community Stroke Rehabilitation Program (CSRP) since service inception in 2009 and reflects the most recent fiscal year data (April 1 – March 31).  The Report also includes key reminders for health care providers to ensure optimization of the Program.

Key highlights in the 2018/19 report included:

  • 447 referrals to the CSRP (a 19% increase from the previous fiscal)
  • Median age ranges of 71 for males and 77 for females
  • Clients received an average of 15 therapy visits
  • Increased number of Community Rehab Planning Meetings for both PCH & QHC
  • Median time to first therapy visits remained stable at 4 days however, clients in rural and small population centres averaged one additional wait day for services
  • Clients residing in large population centres received a higher average number of PT, OT and SLP visits as compared to clients residing in the other three population categories. 
  • Referrals to the Program from Brockville remain lower than expected
  • Utilization of social work services remains low
  • Referrals for clients transitioning to Long Term Care remain very low

Learn More to access the full report and/or Infographic.  For more information, contact Gwen Brown, Regional Community & LTC Coordinator at or by phone at 1-613-549-6666 X 6867.