Webinar: Hemorrhagic Stroke- Best Practice Highlights & Updates (Physician Focus)

Join us for a webinar!

Topic:  Hemorrhagic Stroke- Best Practice Highlights and Updates

Presented By: Dr. Al Jin, Medical Director for the Stroke Network of Southeastern Ontario

When: Tuesday, December 9th, 2021, 1700-1800h

Target Audience: This webinar is directed at physicians working in the ED, Critical care, and Acute Care, but may be of interest to others.

Come and learn about the latest best practice guidelines in caring for a hemorrhagic stroke patient. Topics to be covered include:

  • Surgical intervention for ICH
  • Blood Pressure management
  • Monitoring for increased ICP in the acute setting
  • Anithrombotic therapy post hemorrhagic stroke
  • Expected long term outcomes


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